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Tree Database


We have compiled a list of commonly available trees in Arizona and also suitable for planting in Maricopa County for you! This is intended to give more information about the characteristics of the trees to help you decide which tree is suitable for you. See the list below and click on the thumbnail to get more information. The information associated to each trees are as follows:

  • Canopy Potential
  • Annual Growth Rate
  • Powerline Friendly
  • Root Damage Potential
  • Water Use
  • Edible Fruit Producing
  • Allergenic
  • BVOC Emissions
  • Sonoran Desert Native
  • Invasive Species

Our tree database is new, and continues to grow and develop. Contact us at if you spot any mistakes, suggestions to add, updates to make on our list, or if you want to share photos of the trees we don't have ones for yet.

We want to thank Maricopa County Air Quality Department for sharing their Urban Tree Selection List that is the main source for the information here. CLICK HERE to see their spreadsheet. Also thank you to our former interns Tanya Rincon and Kenny Tjong who helped create this resource for the community. We wouldn't of been able to have this resource free to the public without these contributions.

Afghan / Eldarica Pine

Pinus brutia var. eldarica

African Sumac 

Searsia lancea

Aleppo Pine

Pinus halepensis

Anacacho Orchid Tree

Bauhinia lunarioides

Arizona / Velvet Ash

Fraxinus velutina

Arizona Rosewood

Vauquelinia californica

Arizona Sycamore

Platanus wrightii

Ash or Fan-West Ash

Fraxinus v. Fanwest

Black Brush Acacia

Vachellia rigidula

Blue Palo Verde

Parkinsonia florida

Bottle Tree or Kurrajong

Brachychiton populneus

Blue Leaf Wattle

Acacia saligna

Brazillian Pepper Tree

Schinus terebinthifolius

Bonita Ash or Montebello Ash

Fraxinus v. Bonita

California / Peruvian Pepper Tree

Schinus molle

Callery Pear

Pyrus calleryana

Canary Island Pine

Pinus canariensis


Caesalpinia cacalaco

Chaste Tree or Lilac Chaste

Vitex agnus-castus

Cherry Plum

Prunus cerasifera

Chihuahuan Orchid Tree

Bauhinia macranthera

Chinese Elm

Ulmus parvifolia

Chinese Evergreen Pear

Pyrus calleryana Decne

Chinese Pistache

Pistacia chinensis

Chinquapin Oak

Quercus muehlenbergii


Chitalpa tashkentensis


Eucalyptus microtheca

Coral Gum

Eucalyptus torquata

Dense Longwood

Xylosma congesta

Desert Gold Peach

Prunus persica

Desert Ironwood

Olneya tesota

Desert Museum Palo Verde

Parkinsonia hybrids

Desert Sweet Acacia

Vachellia farnesiana

Desert Willow

Chilopsis linearis

Evergreen / Shamel Ash

Fraxinus uhdei

Feather Bush or Desert Fern

Lysiloma watsonii

Fremont Cottonwood

Populus fremontii

Fruitless Olive

Olea europaea

Ghost Gum

Corymbia papuana

Globe Willow

Salix matsudana 'Navajo'

Golden Delicious Apple

Malus domestica

Hong Kong Orchid Tree

Bauhinia x blakeana

Indian Rosewood

Dalbergia sissoo

Italian Cypress

Cupressus sempervirens

Jacaranda or Black Poui

Jacaranda mimosifolia

Leatherleaf Acacia / Hop Mulga

Acacia craspedocarpa


Citrus x limon

Mastic Tree

Pistacia lentiscus

Mediterranean Fan Palm

Chamaerops humilis

Mexican Bird of Paradise Tree

Erythrostemon mexicanus

Mexican Olive 

Cordia boissieri

Mexican Redbud

Cercis mexicana

Mexican Sycamore

Platanus mexicana

Modesto Ash Tree

Fraxinus v. modesto


 Moringa oleifera 


Acacia aneura

Netleaf White Oak

Quercus Polymorpha

Netleaf / Western / Canyon Hackberry

Celtis reticulata


Nerium oleander


Citrus x sinensis

Palo Blanco

Mariosousa willardiana


Punica granatum

Purple Orchid Tree

Bauhinia variegata

Pygmy Date Palm

Phoenix roebelenii

Raywood Ash

Fraxinus angustifolia

Red Bottlebrush

Callistemon viminalis

Red Push Pistacia

Pistacia x Red Push

Rio Grande' Ash

Fraxinus v. fantex

Rough-Barked Arizona Cypress

Callitropsis arizonica

Royal Poinciana

Delonix regia

Santa Rosa Plum

Prunus salicina

Shoestring Acacia or Dalby Myall

Acacia stenophylla

Silk Tree

Albizia julibrissin

Sonoran Palo Verde or Palo Brea

Parkinsonia praecox

South American Hybrid or Chilean Mesquite

Prosopis hybrid "Phoenix"


Havardia pallens

Texas Ebony

Ebenopsis ebano

Texas Honey Mesquite

Prosopis glandulosa

Texas Mountain Laurel

Sophora secundiflora

Texas Red Oak

Quercus buckleyi

Tipu Tree

Tipuana tipu

Twisted Acacia

Acacia shaffneri

Velvet Mesquite

Prosopis velutina

Virginia Live Oak

Quercus virginiana

Weeping Fig

Ficus benjamina

Weeping Myall

Acacia pendula

Weeping Willow

Salix babylonica

Whitethorn Acacia

Vachellia constricta

Wilga or Native Willow

Geijera parviflora

Willow Acacia

Acacia salicina

Yellow Oleander

Thevetia peruviana

Yellow Palo Verde or Foothills Palo Verde

Parkinsonia Microphylla

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