Words and Experiences from our Volunteer Family

Thu, November 15, 2018 10:49 PM | Ariel Stone (Administrator)

It's the season to be thankful! Trees Matter would like to highlight a few of our amazing volunteers. Our events and programs are volunteer-powered, and we truly could not do everything we do without their help. We have over 300 volunteers total, annually. Over one-third of those volunteers are recurring, some of whom are highlighted in this post. Below are kind words and thoughts from some of our recurring volunteers: 

“Hi, my name is Deborah (Deb) Coy.  I have been volunteering with Trees Matter for about six years. I started out looking for an opportunity to use my Master Gardener skills, but I also found a home with an organization that really cares.  Every event allows me to interact with new and old faces wanting to make a difference in our community.  The camaraderie working with all the volunteers at the event and helping residents select the right trees for them, brings me back time and time again.  I get to see the hard work to set up and complete each event.  At the end, you go home tired and happy knowing so many people want to make a change with something as simple as planting a tree.  I am honored to be associated with such a great organization. If I have not met you yet, I will see you at the next event.”- Deborah Coy

“I enjoy volunteering with Trees Matter because I’m surrounded by people that care about nature. I learn something new from the diverse set of volunteers at each event. I care about this organization for the sustainable effects that sprout from their mission, which is to inspire and promote an increased tree canopy in the valley. The concrete jungles of the Phoenix metro area benefit from an increased tree canopy by providing more shade, mitigating Urban Heat Island effect, and sequestering more carbon dioxide. When I volunteer with Trees Matter, I feel I’m helping to accomplish my own sustainable goals as well as theirs.”- Jeremy Seidner

“I wanted to be an active volunteer in the community, and it was important to me to be a part of an organization that focuses on the environment. I am glad I chose Trees Matter. I enjoy the interaction with the friendly, out-going volunteers and caring staff members. Volunteering for Trees Matter is rewarding and healing. There are so many reasons to appreciate trees!”- Moulikah Jordan

“I enjoy volunteering at Trees Matter because it gives me a chance to be useful and be able to give back to the community.  I love being helpful, and meeting new people is an added benefit as well. The volunteering brings different types of people together who I learn from. I get the chance to develop my skills and knowledge, and makes me feel accomplished. Learning more about trees has been interesting to me as well!”- Jackie Nolan

“I love what Trees Matter does for the community, promoting ideas and values that enrich peoples’ lives and helping grow a healthier and happier planet. It’s awesome being a part of the events, and watching the excitement of people learning new things about trees. The staff and other volunteers are always so fun to work with. You can tell everyone there is passionate about helping or sharing their knowledge with others.”- Jason Coghill

If you are interested in volunteering with Trees Matter, we’d love to have you join our family! To get started, visit www.treesmatter.org/volunteer.

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